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Like many travelers these days, we are changing our summer travel plans and probably gong to hit to road with a few car trips, and skip the airport. These means our beloved dog Hersheys might be able to come along for the trip. We are headed out of our home base in Texas, and planning to make our first stop in Oklahoma. So, we jumped on the web to find out what are options are.

The WinStar RV Park | First Stop on the Boarder

There is a hotel and and RV park at this very large casino, but it was all closed a few weeks ago last time we drove by. They had one pet event this year, and not much info on thier website.

Hotel Pets Allowed in Oklahoma City.

Many of the hotels, including the nice hotels are "Pet Friendly,", but that doesn't gaurntee we are getting our 70lb pound dog in the room. The Hayatt in downtown OKC and The Skirvin in downtown OKC both list thier hotes as Pet Friendly.

Camping with the Dog

During the spring time, Oklahoma is a perfect place to take the dog camping, if the campground allows pets. The Summer time can be a little to hot to take the dog camping, so we might need to find our dog a nice pet hotel where she can relax in comfort and style.

Oklahomla Camping Sites

Red Rocks - One of our favorite spots to camp in OK. It's a small but very cool canyon rocks formation just West of OKC, and you can take your pet.
"Pets MUST be on a 10ft. Leash at ALL times and dispose of excrements" Pets are PROHIBITED in ANY buildings.

Lake Tenkiller Large Lake In Easter Part fo the sate. Public and Private Campgrounds avaible in the area. Cabins also avalble

Texoma - Large Party Lake on Oklahoma\Texas border. Campgrounsds, Motels, and Resorts on both sides of the lake.

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